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100+ video courses that cover every aspect of horsemanship and horse training. Here's a taste of what you get...


Every week day you'll be able to log on and listen as Fallon walks you through her day with horses, 
as well as ask about any horse related question and get an instant answer during the live sessions.


You'll be able to chat with others who are all working towards building a stronger relationship with their horses, overcoming problems, crushing their goals, and building an unstoppable partnership in the Horse Bosses Facebook Group. Plus get help and feedback directly from Fallon Taylor.


 “Thank you Fallon for changing my life. Thank you for believing in me when no one else did. Thank you for helping my dreams to come true. Thank you for adding value to my life!
At the end of December I was contemplating selling my new horse Rose. Things have not clicked for us and we haven’t been able to get it together. Dec 31 was our worst run ever. This challenge changed my mindset. I was able to refocus my attention to positivity rather than failure. I feel renewed. I now feel like Rose and I have the ability to accomplish my 2020 goal of winning the CCPRA."
  - I learned it’s progression not perfection
  - I learned to see the bigger picture 
  - I learned to trust in the progress 
  - I learned I can do amazing things when I focus properly
  - I learned to believe in myself and my horses
"This has helped me and my 5 year old filly sooo much! Thank you thank you thank you!" -Alicia
"Thanks Fallon for creating Horse Bosses and for all the encouragement that you pass out everyday including the real real about failure, and loving that part too as a way to grow."  -Rhonda
"Thank you Fallon for all the hard work you out into this everyday across the board for not just Horse Bosses but in all your groups and your own horses! Win, lose, or draw I feel like I won already for having completed all the challenges." -Jessica 
“I’m so proud of everything we accomplished. We even loped the pattern for the first tome EVER and without this course and this challenge, I don’t think I would have ever attempted it. I’m so proud of me and my boy boy. He gave me 100% every time I asked for something and I gave 100% in return. This program has truly transformed me and my relationship and partnership with him. Thank you thank you to Fallon and all the lovely folks in this group for their support. I plan on entering my first jackpot and attending some time only races, I have a trailer available to use and I’ll be more comfortable hauling by then. I know I have to focus on not shouldering the barrel and not sitting too early, and work the pattern or drills once a week, and technical movements the rest of the week, and one day a week lunging and groundwork. And then we should be golden and ready for the jackpot next week!”-Ashley


Fallon has been a Professional in the horse industry for 30 years. Her accomplishments include but are not limited to:

- 2014 World Champion Barrel Racer
- 7X NFR Qualifier
-2018 AQHA World Champion
-Earnings of over $1,000,000 in Pro Rodeo winnings
-Arena record holder
-2019 Thoroughbred Makeover Champion
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